Thursday, 21 March 2019

13th Annual Financial Education Day informs students

Juniors and seniors from five different area schools gathered to the UNOH Event Center to learn more about the world of finances with Superior Credit Union and OSU Extension’s Financial Education Day.

The event was split up into three different sections, one being a simulation called “Real Money, Real World”, where students choose a future career path and budget their lifestyle based on the different real-world possibilities that each student had to work with. This proved to show students what it’s like to budget based on their income.

“It was a big eye-opener to me of the fact that everything just adds up – you don’t think a car is that much, but when you compound your car and your house insurance, and your life insurance and everything that it takes to live, that’s pretty eye-opening,” said Jordan Siefer, a senior at Bluffton High School.

Other activities included a talk on investments and credit and another talk on how to pick the right college. That’s a topic that will be necessary in the near future for many of the students that attended the event.

“It’s good to have this knowledge now, so that way we won’t be far into our senior year and be confused with what’s going on,” said Dalonte Manley, a senior at Lima Senior High School. “I kind of wish I would’ve learned some of this my junior year because we would’ve been more ahead and have an idea of what’s going on through senior year.”

All in all, those with Superior say that events like this one are critical for students about to embark out of high school and into the adult world – as working with finances often isn’t something that many students have had to deal with.

“A lot of them are familiar with the terminology; some are very versed because they’re involved at home, others’ parents keep things more private so, this kind of opens their eyes,” said Carrie Calvelage, HR Specialist with Superior Federal Credit Union. “We definitely see the education piece of it pays off, they don’t  really think they’re getting in education today, but they definitely gain information that they can use, some of them right next spring once they graduate.”

Around 340 students were in attendance.


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