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15 Top Nursing Home Cities’ Bed Vacancy Rates

15. New York (Including Bronx and Brooklyn)

Number of certified beds: 24,962

Average vacancy rate: 7%

14. Baltimore

Number of certified beds: 5,205

Average vacancy rate: 9%

13. Los Angeles

Number of certified beds: 7,191

Average vacancy rate: 10%

12. Rochester, New York

Number of certified beds: 3,930

Average vacancy rate: 10%

11. Philadelphia

Number of certified beds: 6,721

Average vacancy rate: 10%


10. Jacksonville, Florida

Number of certified beds: 3,933

Average vacancy rate: 11%

9. Pittsburgh

Number of certified beds: 4,299

Average vacancy rate: 15%

8. Louisville, Kentucky

Number of certified beds: 4,192

Average vacancy rate: 15%

7. Cincinnati

Number of certified beds: 6,932

Average vacancy rate: 17%

6. Chicago

Number of certified beds: 13,619

Average vacancy rate: 17%


5. Houston

Number of certified beds: 7,593

Average vacancy rate: 26%

4. San Antonio

Number of certified beds: 7,339

Average vacancy rate: 26%

3. St. Louis

Number of certified beds: 4,421

Average vacancy rate: 27%

2. Indianapolis

Number of certified beds: 5,442

Average vacancy rate: 28%

1. Dallas

Number of certified beds: 4,313

Average vacancy rate: 28%


National Average

Number of certified beds: 1.6 million

Average vacancy rate: 19%

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Long-term care planners, and insurers, often talk about the terrible shortage of nursing home beds facing the United States. There’s one problem with that story: Many nursing home managers are having a hard time filling beds.

The overall national nursing home bed occupancy rate fell to 85.9% in the third quarter, from 88.7% a year earlier, according to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC). The NIC nursing home bed occupancy figure is at the lowest level since mid-2011.

Financial professionals can get market-by-market nursing home bed vacancy data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid.

We used CMS data to find the 15 U.S. cities with the most Medicare and Medicaid nursing home beds. We then used bed number and bed occupancy data to come up with bed vacancy rates. We ranked those big nursing home cities by bed vacancy rate.

For the 15 biggest nursing home cities, the average bed vacancy rate ranges from 7% to 28%.

To see the average vacancy rate for each of the 15 cities, along with the overall national average, see the data cards in the slideshow above.

 What are the numbers like for all U.S. cities and towns?

In all U.S. communities with more than 500 certified beds, the average vacancy rates range from about 0%, in Merced, California, up to 56%, in Costa Mesa, California. The median is about 17%, in Wallingford, Connecticut.

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