Wednesday, 22 May 2019

2019 graduates can take laptops

Cody High School seniors now have the option to take a major tool from their high school careers home with them after graduation.

All they are required to do is pay $20 and the senior can take the laptop with them.

The Cody School Board – Scott Weber was absent – unanimously approved the program Tuesday as part of the lengthy consent agenda.

It gives the district an opportunity to offload computers nearing the end of their life cycles, and gives students the chance to hold onto the computer they’ve used through four years of schooling.

“Allowing students to buy out their devices is beneficial for the school and the students,” assistant superintendent Tim Foley said at an earlier work session. “By allowing seniors to take their device with them at graduation we will need to purchase new machines each year for the incoming freshman class and they will use that device for their four years at CHS.”

Trustees asked a few questions of the program at the work session but were overall supportive.

There are also options for students who cannot afford to pay the $20 cost.

Students are also required to pay $20 per year in insurance in order to use the Chromebooks, although seniors don’t have to have paid insurance all four years to be able to purchase the Chromebooks at the end.

Foley said even if a student transferred in for their senior year they would likely get a device roughly as old as the ones carried by all other seniors. He said the laptops were worth roughly $30 after four years of use.

The first buy-out group will be the class of 2019, with staff set to send out information to parents announcing the option as soon as it was approved.

Foley said the program is also an incentive for students to take good care of their devices, which cost nearly $250 per unit.

“These devices will be near the end of their life cycle for our program after four years so we will be looking to refresh inventory regardless of a buy out program,” Foley said.

New coaches

Joanna Rau was approved as the head Nordic ski coach Tuesday, one of a number of coaches approved for winter coaching positions.

Stephanie Birch was approved as the freshman girls basketball coach, Mike Denning (middle school basketball), Pat Nieters (middle school boys basketball) and Aaron Papich (middle school boys basketball) were all approved.

Monday meeting

The Cody School Board has scheduled a special meeting at 5 p.m. Monday to accept the yearly audit and approve retroactive pay for those in interim supervisor positions in the past year.

At 5:30 p.m. the four new school board members will be sworn in, after which they will get a crash course on the district in preparation for their first official board meeting in December.


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