Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Assurance launches single-entry life insurance quoting platform – Insurance Business

Assurance launches single-entry life insurance quoting platform

Insurtech company Assurance has announced the launch of the first intuitive illustration quote platform to integrate a “single-entry” workflow and advanced product benchmarking into one seamless platform.

Assurance’s Ensight Intelligent Quote platform allows case designers, wholesalers and producers to simply enter a client’s parameters and case design once to run multiple illustrations across different product classes and carriers. This streamlines the case-design process by more than 30% annually, according to Assurance.

Intelligent Quote also eliminates costs associated with multiple platforms by allowing case designers and wholesalers to rapidly research and benchmark the life insurance product landscape within the same platform, Assurance said. Ensight advanced benchmarking is run in real time and based on actual case design and illustrations.


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