Friday, 24 May 2019

Baldwyn ‘adulting’ classes prepare seniors for life after graduation – Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

BALDWYN • Baldwyn students learned how to write checks, dress a minor wound, navigate the insurance market and dress for an interview through “adulting” classes recently held at the high school ahead of graduation.

Students may spend 13 years getting a foundation in a range of academic courses, but sometimes the basic skills fall through the cracks.

Marine Sgt. Shawn Kroll visits the high school to talk to students about joining the Marine Corps and was an instructor at Baldwyn’s first adulting classes. He provided tips to students about basic first aid and situational awareness.

“You need to be prepared for just about anything and that is what the Marine Corps taught me, so I’m trying to teach them about some basic stuff beyond just putting a Band-Aid on a cut or cleaning a wound with rubbing alcohol,” Kroll said.

Cody Wallis was recruited by Kroll to enlist in the Marine Corps. and attended the classes. He said he is ready to finish school and go out on his own.

“It’s always helpful to learn basic skills because you never know what the world is going to throw at you,” he said.

Career Coach Amy Alexander said she has wanted to create a program like this for a long time and helped come up with the idea through her own work experience. She is a retired teacher of more than 25 years who taught high school seniors in Nettleton, and while there, she hosted a “real-life boot camp” event for her students.

“We had people come in from the bank and had some of the same things we have here, but not on the same scale, so I have always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to do something here at the end of the year, a big send off,” Alexander said.

Alexander said some students will attend college and some will join the workforce, but certain skills will come in handy whatever direction they go.

Students learned about physical fitness and nutrition, such as how to stay fit and healthy while in school, whether that means going to a gym or working out at home.

How to dress most effectively for an interview and impress potential employers was another topic discussed by an instructor who also provided tips on the interviewing process.

Local Baldwyn businesses either sponsored and/or participated in the classes, and some donated door prizes. With six sponsors, $1,400 was raised to provide things like T-shirts, breakfast, snacks and a pizza send-off lunch for the students.


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