Sunday, 26 May 2019

BILLINGER: Senate Update March 4 – Hays Post

Sen. Rick Billinger (R-Goodland), 40th Dist.

Last week was turn around week at the State House. Turnaround is considered the halfway point of the legislative session. Bills that have passed across the Senate chamber will now go to the House to be considered and bills passed across the House floor will come to the Senate for consideration.

Some of the bills of interest to our Senate District that passed this week are:

SB 67 passed out of the Senate this week. SB67 establishes the Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act. If an insurance company (insurer) shall preform a comparison of its insured’s and force policies, contracts, and retain asset accounts against a death master file, on at least a semi-annual basis, by using the full death master file once and thereafter using the death master file update files for future comparison to identify potential matches of its insured’s.

SB 15 revises the definition for “service-connected” as that term is used to determine death and disability benefits in the Kansas Police and Fireman’s Retirement System. Under current law, service-connected causes for death and disability benefits include heart disease, lung or respiratory disease, cancer and will add blood borne pathogens. This bill passed unanimously.

The Senate passed SB105 authorizing a city to determine the start date of a regular term of office for a city officer by resolution of the city. In law regarding city elections, the bill would require the start date be on or after December 1 following certification of the election and no later than the second Monday in January following certification of the election. If the city does not establish an alternative date, the bill would specify such term would begin on the second Monday in January.

SB 71 passed the Senate, which reauthorizes the Postsecondary Technical Education Authority by repealing the statute specifying sunset date of June 30, 2019. The bill would also require the TEA to make an annual report to the Legislature on the performance of its functions and duties.

School Board Elections: SB7 passed and would amend current law regarding the timing of appointing a replacement school board member, timing of elections of officers of a local board of education; the date local school district board officials take office, and the timing of an election to change the method of election or voting plan for school board members. SB7 also requires the first meeting of the Board of Education to be on or after the second Monday in January or at a later meeting if so determined by the Board at the first meeting, rather than in July.

Passing the Senate was Sub SB130 that amends law concerning advance ballots and associated signature requirements. The bill requires a county election officer to try to contact each voter who submitted an advance-voting ballot without a signature or with a signature that does not match the signature on file and allow the voter to correct the deficiency before the final county canvass.

I would like to thank Jay Smith and Jaelyn Daily for paging for me last week.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the 40th Senate District and please feel free to email or call me at [email protected] or 785 296-7399 or 785 899-4700.

Sen. Rick Billinger, R-Goodland, is the Kansas state senator for the 40th District, which includes Cheyenne, Decatur, Ellis, Gove, Graham, Logan, Norton, Rawlins, Sheridan, Sherman, Thomas, Trego and Wallace counties as well as portions of Phillips county


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