Saturday, 23 March 2019

Cardiogram Partners With Life Insurance Company to Offer Apple Watch Owners No-Cost $1000 Accidental Death Plans

“No cost”

…except for your privacy. You aren’t getting $1,000 for dying and giving the insurance company nothing in return.

“Health and life insurance providers have been increasingly incorporating data from wearable devices into their plans to encourage preventative care.”

Yeah. Insurance Companies aren’t doing this out of the kindness of their own metaphorical hearts, or to encourage preventative care. They’re simply hoping their customers will allow them to continuously monitor their vitals so that they can data mine your statistics, compare that data to the aggregate, and determine when they should increase your premiums once you start showing signs of heart health issues.

I immediately deleted Cardiogram when they started selling data to insurance companies.

$1,000 is almost enough for an iPhone.
Hi there, I’m a co-founder of Cardiogram.

First, on privacy—we don’t sell your data, and we don’t share your information without your explicit action. If you’re using the Cardiogram app and you don’t choose to sign up for this new offer, RGAx (or any other partner) won’t receive any information about you. We believe in giving people options, but not making the choice for them.

Second, if you sign up, your health data isn’t used to change your premiums or deny you coverage. Part of why we chose accidental death insurance is that it’s “guaranteed issue” (anybody who applies, and meets the age/location criteria, gets it) and the premiums don’t depend on the results of a medical exam.

Finally, why would anybody want accidental death insurance? It’s mostly helpful to people who have families — for example, if you wanted to ensure that in case of an accident, your spouse could pay the mortgage, your kids would have money for college etc. It’s generally simpler and cheaper than whole life insurance or term life insurance (which require a medical exam), and tends to be preferred by younger people where accidents (e.g., car crashes) are their biggest risk.

Does that help answer your questions?

Now I can die without additional costs!


Nothing is free. You are basically giving this company access to real-time medical data that they can likely do whatever they want with. Don’t support the privacy creep. $1000 is going to mean jack-all when you’re dead.
Did Cardiogram pay for this article? The creepy company employee in the forum comments is very strange as well.
And so it begins.

$1,000 is almost enough for an iPhone.

My wife, soon after collecting this insurance:

He’s gone, he’s not coming back (sniff! sob!). Hey, but at least I get a new iPhone out of the deal!


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