Thursday, 21 March 2019

Carlsbad seniors tune up their driving skills at class, clinic

As drivers age, it can be hard for some to admit that their reaction times have slowed, their vision and hearing are less acute and their strength and flexibility have seen better days.

Fortunately Les Besser, 82, has found a way to carve through some of that resistance when he teaches driver safety classes for seniors at his retirement community in Carlsbad.

“I play tennis weekly and had one player say to me he’s been driving for 70 years and doesn’t need to take a class. I told him ‘are you playing tennis as well as you did 70 years ago?’ He said ‘of course not!’ I said ‘I rest my case,’” Besser said.

Earlier this year, Besser was trained as an AARP Smart Driver Course instructor. Since June, he has taught the eight-hour course to more than 100 fellow residents at the La Costa Glen retirement community.

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