Saturday, 23 March 2019

Dells school board approves $21 million budget

The Wisconsin Dells School Board approved the proposed budget for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year at its annual district meeting and budgeting hearing Aug. 6.

The approved general fund expenditure budget totals $21,328,347 and is allotted as follows: salaries $9,698,224; benefits $4,485,120; purchased services $3,258,017; non-capital objects $1,173,404; capital object $518,005; debt retirement $65,450; insurance and judgments $205,540; operating transfers $1,841,260; and dues and fees $83,327.

The salaries include wages and salaries paid to all non-special education employees, including board members, administrators, teachers and support staff. It accounts for 45.47 percent of the budget.

Fringe benefits include employer social security, employer contributions to the Wisconsin Retirement System, life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, and retirement benefits for non-special education employees. Fringe benefits account for 21.03 percent of the budget.

Purchased services include repairs, service agreements, telephone service, fuel for heat and transportation, electricity, water and sewer, postage, printing, maintenance and construction projects and registration fees. Purchased services account for 15.28 percent of the budget.

Non-capital objects include library books, textbooks, workbooks, audio-visual teaching aids, computer software, paper and instructional supplies. Non-capital objects account for 5.50 percent of the budget.

Capital objects include all equipment that costs more than $300 and accounts for 2.43 percent of the budget.

Debt retirement includes principal and interest on operational debt and equipment leases and accounts for 0.31 percent of the budget.

Insurance and judgments includes liability, property and workers compensation insurance premiums and unemployment compensation; it accounts for 0.96 percent of the budget.

Operating transfers-out are used to transfer monies from Fund-10 to Fund-27 to cover special education salaries, benefits, open-enrollment transfers, out-of-district tuition payments, transportation, and the non-salary and benefit expenditures that support special education programs.

This accounts for 8.63 percent of the budget.

Dues and fees include dues, entry fees, registration fees, and membership fees and accounts for 0.39 percent of the budget.

The beginning general fund balance for the 2018-2019 school year is budgeted at $7,025,367.12.


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