Saturday, 23 March 2019

Elderly involved in most car accidents near traditional market crosswalks

A senior citizen uses a crosswalk. Yonhap

By Jung Hae-myoung

More than half of car accidents involving senior citizens happen at crossroads near traditional markets.

Because elderly old people walk slowly, extending the “walk” signal duration could be the first step to reduce such accidents.

According to Hyundai Fire and Life Insurance research, Monday, 52.6 percent of seniors who filed traffic accidents claims with the insurer over the past five years had mishaps at crossings near the traditional markets.

The survey showed that 31.1 percent of elderly pedestrians find the crosswalk signal too short. Seniors who depend on walkers find the time far too short.

“A ‘Silver Zone’ for slower elderly people is a must. Also the time for crossing should be lengthened for them as well,” Dr. Kim Tae-ho, a researcher at the Hyundai institute, told Yonhap.


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