Monday, 20 May 2019

English teacher organizes life-skills event for LHS seniors – Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

How does taxation work? How do loans work? How does insurance work? 

Those are some essential life questions that a unique event called “Future Forward” will look to answer for select Lockport High School seniors. 

Organizer Megan Menges, an English teacher at LHS, said she has a passion for ensuring students can become successful once they leave high school. 

“More than simply teaching English, a greater passion of mine is giving kids skills they need to be successful, and poised and gracious adults outside of high school,” she said. 

In 2016, Menges organized “Girl Proper,” a summertime seminar that focused on teaching confidence, class and gratitude. After some tinkering over the past few years, she has opened her seminar to both sexes and put a greater emphasis on life skills. 

Menges said that, as far as she knows, Future Forward is the only kind of life skills teaching event in the area. Similar programs are presented in different areas of the country, such as The Adulting School in Portland, Maine. 

To figure out what skills were most desired, Menges sent out a Google survey to members of the LHS class of 2019 and put out calls to possible speakers based on the results.  She found either experts in the field, like a certified tax accountant, or individuals who are very familiar with the topic they’re teaching, including a teacher who travels frequently and can provide helpful tips and tricks. 

Menges is so passionate about teaching practical skills to young adults that she organized the seminar herself and even considered financing it herself. She was pleased to see a wide variety of sponsors step in to pick up shares of the associated costs.

Menges is hosting Future Forward as a concerned citizen, not an agent of the school district, and she said she’s grateful for the community response to her proposal. Future Forward is “getting wonderful feedback that this is a much needed program,” she said.

Future Forward will take place from noon to 5 p.m. April 6 at the Kenan House and Taylor Theater, 433 Locust St. Admission is $5 per student. Local senior students were sent an invitation and they have until Monday to register for the seminar. Senior students or parents of seniors who want more information should contact Menges at [email protected] or 940-0451.

Diamond Lion-level sponsors of Future Forward include PremCom Corp. and Stephanie Moore Verratti Memorial Fund. 

Platinum Lion-level sponsors included BLING!, Conjerti Moving Express, D+T Graphics, Gould’s Flowers, Lake Effect Ice Cream, Level Financial Advisors, Lock 34 Bar and Grill, Lockport Education Association, Lockport Schools Federal Credit Union, Niagara County Produce, Inc., Specialized Services, Tim Horton’s (Medina), Arlene Reese, John and Susan Bernardi, Karen and Peter D’Angelo, Kathy Sparks DiMillo, Michelle and Erik Bernardi, Michelle DiMillo and Robert and Barbara Valery. 

Gold Lion-level sponsors include Bernardi’s Rapid Mart, Transit Road Car Wash and David and Donna Sholk. 

Silver Lion-level sponsors include Lockport Public Arts Council, David and Judy Arlington, Roy and Carol Macaluso and Sandra Scrace. 

Bronze Lion-level sponsors include Gi-Ro Dry Cleaners, Scirto Jewelers, Dawn Wylke, Gerard and Julie Kapuscinski, Heather Hall, Linda Swart Lorraine and John Tomaino, Michael and Rita Dembrow and Monica Roland.


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