Monday, 20 May 2019

Financial Planner: Life insurance options – NTV

Financial Planner Steve Lind talked life insurance and a couple different features that might save some money or help with cash flow on Good Morning Nebraska.

“A couple options have come up with some of my clients in the last few months. The first one is the concept of life insurance and long term care. It is a hybrid policy that provides coverage for both issues. The general concept is that you buy a pool of money/coverage that you can draw upon for life insurance or long term care and in many cases will save you money. There are many life policies that have vary degrees of this dual type of coverage, so check them all out. There are any different levels of coverage, so check it out with your financial planner or insurance agent.

“I do see [ways to sell your life insurance] offered. The bad news from what I’ve seen is that you get 20%-40% of your policy and it depends on your health condition. Some policy offer a partial payout if you are terminally sick that will basically do the same thing. Bottom line, check this out with your current policy or if you are shopping, see what these features may cost.”


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