Saturday, 23 March 2019

Hartford Ranks Among Best Cities For ‘Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs,’ Connecticut Among States With Most Life Insurance

Whether residents are looking to start a mid-career business venture or take care of their families after they’re gone, Hartford ranks among the best cities to do so — according to two new studies measuring median income of new businesses started by baby boomers and the states that have the most life insurance.

Hartford Has A Vibe, Especially If You Are Starting A Business

Hartford ranked 6th in the nation as one of the “top places for baby boomer entrepreneurs” according to a study by

Nutmeggers Are Ready For The End, Too

Connecticut is one of the “five states most financially prepared for death,” according to a study by the life insurer, TermLife2Go.

New Businesses Started By Baby Boomers Are Doing Well

In Hartford, 17.4 percent of new business founders are baby boomers — people born between the years of 1946 and 1964. The ratio is a “tad” bit lower than the national rate of 18 percent, but with an “impressive” average annual income of about $39,000, businesses in the hands of baby boomers fare well, according to the study.


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