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Judge dismisses life insurance suit from widow of Utah man killed by police –

SALT LAKE CITY – A federal judge has dismissed a widow’s bid to recover life insurance benefits after her husband was shot and killed by police.

U.S. District Judge Dee Benson in a January order sided against Molly Farrand, who sued after her $500,000 insurance claim was denied. Her 38-year-old husband, Vincent John Farrand, was fatally shot April 13, 2014.

Benson noted the American General Life Insurance policy doesn’t cover injury or loss due to illegal activity, and Farrand broke Utah law by interfering with an officer seeking to detain him. The judge ruled that Farrand ignored officers’ commands to drop the gun nine times, and an average person in the situation would expect a shooting or shootout.

Molly Farrand’s attorneys had argued that police body camera proved her husband had dropped the gun before he was shot, but the judge wrote than an officer testified the weapon remained in his hand on the ground after he had been shot.

She had told police her husband, who was suicidal, took a handgun to confront a man had who had made advances toward her. But after he changed his mind and came home, officers went to their home even though she called to say they weren’t needed. Police said Vincent Farrand came out of the house and ignored their commands.

The Davis County Attorney’s Office found the shooting legally justified. The city of Centerville paid Farrand $127,000 in a 2016 settlement but did not accept fault.

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