Wednesday, 22 May 2019

LCHS seniors “Get a Life” | News – WV News

Lewis County High School seniors took part in the “Get a Life” program sponsored by the West Virginia Treasurer’s Office. The program is designed to teach students about major purchases and how to budget for those purchases. It also includes surprise expenses, such as car repairs and medical bills.

Students were given real-life scenarios that included a job, household and income. They had a certain monthly salary to work with and had to purchase a home, car, insurance, furnishings and groceries.

Some students were also given surprise expenses, which were medical bills, car repairs or something similar.

After completing the first scenario, students were given another card that included a higher-paying job, with post-secondary education, and went through the same purchases. By the end of each scenarios, students sometimes ended up in debt or had money left over after all expenses were paid.

Some seniors planned well, but the majority were somewhat surprised at how quickly their budgets dwindled.

“It’s painful,” Chase Arbogast said.

Makenna Spangler realized the importance of a college degree for her future, adding she is going to save her money.

Abigail Conrad said that in her first scenario, she had a spouse who was not working, which made for a tight budget. In the second scenario, both adults were working, and it was easier.

“It’s an eye-opening experience,” Conrad said.

The program visited Robert L. Bland Middle School in January.

The progrm’s purpose is to provide West Virginia students with the skills to make sound decisions regarding money when they are adults.

Volunteers helped by pretending to be car salesmen, insurance agents, real estate agents, auto mechanic shop employees, medical professional and furniture and appliance salesmen.

“With programs like the ‘Get a Life’ activity, I believe students in West Virginia will be better prepared to live and succeed in the real world,” Treasurer John Perdue said in a statement.

“Get a Life” is part of Perdue’s NetWorth program, which is a comprehensive financial education initiative that teaches personal financial management skills. For more information on the “Get a Life” program or other educational resources, visit

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