Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Letter: Don’t let Huizenga fool you on healthcare

Our congressman, Bill Huizenga, thinks we are fools and unaware that he has repeatedly voted to weaken or take apart Medicare. He has voted since 2011 to turn Medicare into a type of “voucher” program, which is a kind of “coupon care.”

Seniors, like myself, will wind up paying more out of pocket for their healthcare. Insurance companies will start scaling back benefits for seniors, so they get less coverage. Seniors on limited incomes will suffer under this voucher program. This is what Huizenga has voted to support.

He has voted to support a balanced budget amendment that is a veiled effort to cut Medicare. And recently, leaders in Congress aren’t even pretending to hide their attacks on Medicare. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell openly says we can’t afford Medicare anymore.

Huizenga is part of this effort. His votes demonstrate that he is. The only winners from this sham are the insurance companies. Huizenga cannot be trusted with the future of Medicare and the welfare of his senior constituents. Please join me in supporting Dr. Rob Davidson. Dr. Rob Davidson has our best interests in mind.

Paul E. Northuis


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