Monday, 27 May 2019

Letter: Why most people need life insurance | Letters to the Editor – Quad-Cities Online

I was reading an article in your opinion section of your paper,  and a guy wrote that he couldn’t figure out why you have life insurance … it just made the life insurance companies rich.

Really, we should have and keep life insurance for several reasons.

If you are married and have kids and if something happens to you, it will pay for your funeral so others in your family don’t have to, and it will take care of your kids and wife, if you have a really big policy.

If you are single and don’t have any kids, you can still have a life insurance policy. You don’t have to be rich to have life insurance; my girlfriend and I have a life insurance policy and we are retired and live on Social Security. We each have a beneficiary in our families.

Life insurance is not always expensive. You have to check around with different companies for a better price.

But the main reason you have life insurance is, if you don’t have any when you die, you can be cremated and some people have ended up being cremated that didn’t want to be cremated, and that’s sad.

So I strongly advise any people in this area and the people across America that don’t want to be cremated after they die, to buy and keep life insurance their whole life.

John Collopy,


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