Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Life insurance based on genetic profiles to be sold in downtown Minneapolis skyway – Minneapolis Star Tribune

The science of epigenetics is still emerging, but YouSurance is moving ahead with a downtown Minneapolis skyway storefront to promote the concept and sell life insurance policies that will vary in cost by individual genetic profiles.

The storefront will open Monday, Jan. 14, in the same space in the U.S. Bank Building where the company paid volunteers $100 last fall to submit blood and saliva samples and health information. The submissions were part of the company’s research of epigenetics, or how lifestyle habits and environmental factors alter genetic expression.

Epigenetics should make life insurance cheaper for some and easier to access for all, but a goal of the storefront is to interact with customers and find out whether they are ready for this new approach and interested in life insurance that varies much more by personal health than traditional policies, said Clint Parker, a YouSurance executive vice president.

Source: http://www.startribune.com/life-insurance-based-on-genetic-profiles-to-be-sold-in-downtown-minneapolis-skyway/503868012/

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