Saturday, 25 May 2019

Living a Sweet Life with Diabetes

When we think of a ‘diabetic person’, the often conjured image is that of an old person with a sweet tooth, probably obese and in dire need of regular exercise. However, this is far from truth! Rarely do people know that there are various subtypes to diabetes and can affect a broad spectrum of people.

In a recent study by WHO India, it was found that a whopping 8.7% Indians in the age group of 20-70 years suffer from diabetes. In fact the same study revealed that the number of diabetics has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. With the disease so close home and the scare rising, Aditya Birla Health Insurance along with undertook an initiative to deep dive into how diabetes doesn’t control a person’s life and one can continue living a “sweet life” without any hurdles.
Those affected with diabetes are known to face everyday battles that not only impact them but also their families. A glimpse into a daily life of the patient could include multiple blood glucose tests in a day, timed intake of meals and insulin shots, exercise, calculated lifestyle choices and managing the sign and symptoms. However, the good news is that diabetics can lead a normal life with the help and support of their loved ones and timely medical assistance of expert doctors that companies like Aditya Birla Health Insurance offer in their chronic management program. Positive goals, motivation, and sustaining a healthy lifestyle can make diabetes completely manageable. Fortunately, in today’s times, educational systems, corporate offices and loved ones are more sensitive to a diabetic’s needs and lifestyle which make life for the patients manageable. Like all diseases, care and support of the loved ones are the essential ingredients that help sweeten the process of overcoming diabetes.
Usually the early signs and symptoms of diabetes can include but are not limited to increased thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, weight loss or weakness, increased appetite and poor wound healing. Often symptoms come on slowly, with proper management and relatively long period of time for detection, disease management can yield great results. Most people can live a relatively normal lifestyle keeping in mind medication, dietary considerations and moderate exercise.

Diabetes can be of various types, however it’s three most commonly found types are – Type 1, Type 2 and gestational. All of them result in too much sugar circulating in the blood. Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 is by far the most common type to affect the general Indian population. However, it is its diabolical cousin – Type 1 that one must be more concerned about. The Type 1 diabetes primarily affects children and young adults. And since children are unaware of the signs and symptoms of the disease, they are more likely to suffer from it undiagnosed leading to serious long term health complications.

In order to prevent falling prey to diabetes, some simple lifestyle measures can be taken. These precautions have shown to be effective in not only preventing but also delaying the onset of diabetes. Here are a few:

1) Maintain a healthy body weight taking in consideration your height.
2) It’s essential to be physically active and have a minimum of 30 mins of regular exercise
3) Eating a balanced and healthy diet by avoiding the intake of sugar and saturated fats
4) Avoid smoking as it is known to increase the risk of diabetes

Adhering to the aforementioned precautions and keeping a keen eye on the symptoms, can drastically improve the quality of life. While diabetes affects you biologically and medically, it doesn’t have to hamper your spirit or enthusiasm for life. There are several stories of diabetics not only living a normal life but also living it to the fullest. Some even undertake adventurous activities like marathon running, camping, trekking and even scuba diving. For all them diabetes was only a brief punctuation that never stopped them from living their “sweet life”.

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