Sunday, 26 May 2019

Officials warn about insurance agents spreading misinformation about popular Medicare plan –

The state’s Department of Insurance has a warning. They say there’s misinformation going around about the most popular Medicare plan and it could lead you to pay for something you don’t even need.

The department sent out consumer alerts less than two weeks ago so people wouldn’t fall into the trap of misinformation. It’s about the most popular medicare policy–Plan F. Officials say scammers are telling consumers Plan F is either going away or becoming more expensive starting January 1, 2020.

Joel Lourie of Lourie Life and Health says if you have Plan F right now, you can keep it forever and there’s no action required. If an agent tells you the premium is increasing, experts say that’s just a way to scare into switching plans so they can make an extra buck. This is happening months before a federal law will do away with the Plan F for new Medicare recipients.

“If someone tries to convince you that you’re going to experience this incredible rate increase because of something Congress passed a few years ago, they’re not being honest,” said Lourie.

Lourie says it’s a matter of agents with ill-intent taking advantage of the complexity of insurance, and scaring seniors into switching plans. As with any financial transaction, consumers should only deal with people they trust.

“People 65 to 100+ are susceptible to scams. It’s important they do business with people they trust, big companies like Blue Cross. There are a lot of unfortunate bad apples in this business, as in any other business.” said Lourie.


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