Saturday, 23 March 2019

Parent Care is advocating for area seniors

As a registered nurse with a master’s degree in business, Carolyn Michaelis-Moe and her team at Parent Care Management Services in Highland bring a unique blend of services when advocating for the support of aging seniors in a variety of capacities, from financial planning to medical evaluations and insurance consulting.

After years as a geriatric care nurse, Michaelis-Moe began her business 26 years ago in Calimesa to better improve the quality of life of seniors. She moved her business to Highland about 13 years ago, taking an office next door to her husband’s dental practice at 7216 Palm Avenue.

“About 30 years ago, I was working in home health and hospice and I saw there were a lot of needs the seniors had that were not being covered by medical insurance. Having both medical and business background, I was able to help them with scam letters, with health issues and other care,” she said.

“I remember one dear soul who was taking care of his wife. He was 95 and his wife was about the same age and they had three cans of green pea soup in the cupboard. I told them the Lord is not coming tomorrow so you need to go out and get more groceries.”

With three registered nurses (two with emergency room background) and two administrative staff, Parent Care helps seniors and their families by recommending and arranging resources for everything from financial planning, to dealing with medical insurance, checking on medication, coordinating home care or hospice, and advocating for seniors and their families in legal issues. They also perform home safety and functional evaluations for seniors and are certified members of Aging Life Care Association.

“We fight for our clients,” she said. “The medical care system is not coordinated very well and sometimes we’re needed to review medications prescribed by different systems.”

The care managers also have experience as public care nurses, a background Michaelis-Moe said is helpful in acting as an intercommunication link between physicians and the client families by “translating medicalese into people talk.”

Parent Care also sometimes is called upon to serve as an impartial consultant when a family is experiencing infighting about how to best care for their parents.

Michaelis-Moe said the majority of her clients are the parents of busy professionals in the area or out-of-town people whose parents live in Highland.

“A lot of Highlanders have been here for decades and don’t want to move away to follow their children,” Michaelis-Moe said. “We like to think we can help keep their folks safer.”

Parent Care serves families from cities throughout the Inland Empire.

For more information on Parent Care, call (909) 864-2085 or visit


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