Sunday, 26 May 2019

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Loses at Least 24 Advertisers After Immigration Comment – Hollywood Reporter

The host defended his comments last night and his network pushed back.

At least 23 corporations have stopped advertising on Tucker Carlson’s primetime Fox News show in response to a comment he made last Thursday night about immigration, with Lexus, Mint Mobile, Graze snacks, Samsung, SodaStream, Pfizer’s Robitussin and SanDisk the latest companies to tell The Hollywood Reporter that they are pulling future advertising from the show.

“Toyota and Lexus have suspended all advertising on this particular program until further notice,” a Lexus spokesperson said on Thursday.

“Mint Mobile let me know that they pulled advertising from the show,” a company spokesperson said on Thursday evening.

“We’ve asked our advertising partner to avoid this show in future as it goes against our brand values,” a Graze spokesperson said.

“We do not have any advertising planned at this time, for this program,” a spokesperson for Samsung, which has advertised seven times in the last two weeks, said on Wednesday.

“We are no longer advertising on the program,” said a spokesperson for Pfizer, another regular advertiser, on Wednesday.

“SodaStream has asked Fox to remove us from this time slot,” a spokesperson said on Wednesday. “Since this is part of a national cable media buy, some of our ads air on Fox News. However, airing times have shifted in some markets based on inventory, and those airings should not be considered an endorsement of any kind.”

“We embrace diversity and inclusion, and work with advertising partners who share our core values,” said a Western Digital/SanDisk spokesperson on Wednesday.

Before Wednesday, the following brands announced plans to stop advertising on Tucker Carlson Tonight: CareerBuilder, Takeda Pharmaceuticals (makers of Entyvio), TD Ameritrade, IHOP, the United Explorer credit card, Just For Men, Jaguar Land Rover,, SCOTTeVEST, Zenni Optical, Voya Financial, Bowflex, SmileDirectClub, NerdWallet, Minted, Pacific Life insurance and (which took action a month ago).

A Takeda spokesperson told THR on Tuesday night that all advertisements for medical treatment products like Entyvio, a regular presence on Carlson’s show, have been pulled: “We have pulled our advertising off of Tucker’s show.”

A spokesperson for online employment website CareerBuilder said that advertising has been pulled from Carlson’s show and issued the following statement: “Our purpose at CareerBuilder is to help people build a life that works. Not some people. All people. People looking for jobs. And people looking to hire people who are looking for jobs. Which is why, last Friday, we permanently suspended advertising on some Fox programming, including Tucker Carlson Tonight. We will continue to advertise on programs that align with who we are and what we value.”

A spokesperson for TD Ameritrade said Tuesday evening that it intends to remain politically neutral: “Once news broke about this issue, we instructed our media buying team to avoid the show in the future. This is a decision that we believe is in-line with the strong values of our organization — one of which is People Matter.”

“At our core, we stand for welcoming folks from all backgrounds and beliefs into our restaurants and continually evaluate ad placements to ensure they align with our values,” a spokesperson for IHOP told THR on Tuesday afternoon. “In this case, we will no longer be advertising on this show.”

“We have stopped advertising on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show,” said a spokesperson for the United Explorer credit card, which was advertised twice last week on Carlson’s show.

“Just For Men has no further plans to advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show,” a company spokesperson said earlier on Tuesday afternoon. “The brand is always considering ways to remain responsible, and this includes aligning with partners who share our brand value.”

A spokesperson for Jaguar Land Rover North America, which advertised the Jaguar brand on Carlson’s show last week and Land Rover on Monday night, told THR on Tuesday: “Jaguar Land Rover has rarely advertised on the show and does not have any plans for it going forward.”

On Tuesday morning, a spokesperson for genealogy company, which advertised twice on Carlson’s Friday night show, said: “We are not advertising at this time.” The decision went into effect Monday morning.

“We have instructed our media buyers to pull any future ads from that program,” said Marshall Rule, the president of clothing company SCOTTeVEST, which advertised twice last week. “However, since we buy on remnant, there may be a few that are already scheduled and can’t be pulled down.”

Nautilus Inc., parent company of fitness training equipment brand Bowflex, told THR on Monday that it has pulled advertising from the show. “We can confirm that Nautilus, Inc., parent company for Bowflex, has pulled its ads from the Tucker Carlson Tonight show,” the company said. “We buy media broadly across many news networks, and do not target ads based on specific programs or hosts. However, we have requested that Fox News remove our ads from airing in conjunction with Tucker Carlson Tonight in the future. Aside from our decision to remove our ads from his show, we have no other association or affiliation with Mr. Carlson.”

The controversy and advertiser backlash began last Thursday night, when Carlson said on Tucker Carlson Tonight that immigration makes the United States “dirtier,” a comment he did not back away from on his Monday night show. (“It’s true,” he said, after replaying the clip.)

Earlier on Monday afternoon, a spokesperson for SmileDirectClub, which, like Bowflex, advertised on Carlson’s Thursday and Friday night shows, said the company is taking steps to prevent advertising on his show — among other “political opinion” shows — in the future.

“We are actively working with our media buyers to confirm that SmileDirectClub is no longer running our ads around any political opinion shows,” the spokesperson said. 

On Monday night, personal finance website NerdWallet told THR it was “pulling advertising” from Carlson’s show and will “be reevaluating any ongoing advertising with this program.” A company spokesperson said, “Whenever we receive feedback about advertising on specific programs, we evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. If our review determines that a certain show’s content doesn’t align with our company values, we take commensurate and appropriate action.”

Minted, an online design marketplace, did not respond to several emailed requests for comment — beginning Friday — but announced Monday night on Twitter th