Thursday, 18 April 2019

Your 2 Cents: Don’t seniors deserve 100 percent? | YOUR OPINION –

Why is it senior citizens can’t get 100 percent medical coverage from Medicare? Why are we having to buy extra insurance, pay co-pays, and are only allowed to visit certain doctors? What’s the point of us old folks working our entire lives to get only 80 percent of our medical care paid for?

Wayne Shawl,

So Democrats believe a border wall — an inanimate object — to be immoral. They apparently also believe that ending a pregnancy at full term is just fine. As Machiavelli said, politics have no relation to morals.

Alan Pillow,

Glen Allen

You can bet money that if the recent federal tax changes had caused a $500 million shortfall to Virginia’s expected revenue, Gov. Ralph Northam would have all his best people revising the Virginia tax code pronto.

Mark Corbelli,

North Chesterfield

With all the press about the need for college degrees, someone needs to tell the students and parents that if they take out a student loan it’s their responsibility to repay it, not the taxpayers’.

Tony Trexler,

While society disintegrates, liberals cheer. What could be expected from a group that would seek to protect any facet of Mother Earth except its true foundation, the womb? The liberal worldview believes equality can never be achieved until any woman can be as un-pregnant as a man, even though that is possible at any time — by making responsible decisions before pregnancy. Gov. Ralph Northam is complicit in seeking to destroy the very foundation of America. To enjoy liberty and pursue happiness, someone must first have life. God help him and us, if it’s not too late.

Mary Stella,


If the bike lanes on Brook Road are built over the shoddy pavement, potholes, and buried pipe strips, there will be many accidents with injuries for cyclists trying to ride in a single narrow lane. It is hard enough to dodge the holes in a car, as a regular user of Brook Road to downtown knows.

Larry Eavey,

I sure hope the president orders another round of hamburgers and french fries to be delivered to the White House, since Nancy Pelosi continues to eat his lunch.

Greg Wilmoth,


Call it fake news, media bias, or whatever you will, but it’s simply journalistic bullying. MAGA!

Henry Handy,


Donald Trump’s ultimatum for a border wall was his last demand before eating humble pie.

Mike Giletto,


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